There are water purifiers that exist that allow you to filter your own urine into clean drinking water. Hopefully your situation won't come to that.

Sources of waterEdit

Well waterEdit

The best source for clean safe drinking water is from an unpolluted well. Those in your community who tap this source, should be required by local law to make sure it isn't an open well someone can toss garbage into, but instead properly covered. An electric pump can be used, with a hand powered pump for a backup as well. This water source will not require any filtering at all.

Pond or lakeEdit

Using an existing body of freshwater, or making your own with borehole explosions or other methods, allows you to have a supply of water to tap.

Rain barrelsEdit

Collecting water from a roof into a rain barrel, allows you to have a renewable resource of water. You should be prepared for the possibility of drought, and either store up enough water to be safe, or find another source.

River, stream, or canalEdit

Concerns about pollution, blockage, and hostiles using it for transport and attacking you, should be addressed. Can you bury a pipe to tap the water without anyone noticing it?


Various methods exists to heat the saltwater from the ocean until the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind. The vapor is collected and turns into fresh drinking water. A cheap electric distiller can be found for under a hundred dollars which is used to filter tap water. It can be used to turn saltwater into freshwater as well.

Things with water in themEdit

Urine, a container of cola, anything imaginable, can have water filtered out of it.

Water towerEdit

A water tower allows you to store water, and use gravity to give you proper plumbing facilities.


Turn Coke to Water Experiments02:10

Turn Coke to Water Experiments

Water filters are so advanced now, you can turn Coca Cola into pure clean drinking water.

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